We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


Through the Public-Private Partnerships, advanced systems, services, technology, training and support will produce a more productive, secure, equitable, and cost effective solution to support remote employees. Our mission is to give individual employees a high level of technical support and training and to deliver to major enterprise organizations a competitive edge in employee hiring and retention, reduction in tardiness and absenteeism and a better work-life balance resulting in higher levels of productivity.

The goal of POCKETS is to demonstrate that innovative applications of information technologies offer immediate relief to the congestion and pollution issues of metropolitan areas, will reduce our reliance on gasoline, and improve economic returns to employers.

Our intent is to work with community planners, major employers and legislatures to accelerate information and communication opportunities as a component of growth and economic development while creating a more sustainable balance of transportation and growth. The added benefits of a more methodical use of information and communication technologies are to enhance emergency preparedness and COOP.





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