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The basis for a successful pilot initiative is, first and foremost, to have established participation from local major stakeholders. Local community support is essential to assure that the scope of interests and capabilities are brought together. Once the major stakeholders are established, a phased approach can be created which methodically investigates, evaluates, plans and implements the necessary steps for the pilot initiative.

Mapping the information and knowledge worker economy in our local communities provides us a clearer understanding of the impact of commuting patterns for employees of major employers. These patterns will provide the baseline information for initial client feasibility reviews.

A local team will be formed to focus on these deliverables. Our efforts have found high levels if interest in several parts of the country including Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington, DC.

POCKETS is seeking funding from several different agencies to develop a plan for federal employee deployment pursuant to Section 359 of Public Law 106-346.

Beyond grants as a source of starting capital, we will also pursue seed capital to support a full time staff of 4-10 people who will further define and implement the initial POCKETS pilot(s).

A shift in remote work has taken place over the last few years.  Different alternative remote work methods are starting to meld together and are currently being grouped into a single category: Telework.  Some of the traditional home-based telecommuting organizations are expanding their focus beyond home-based telecommuting and now promote a “work from anywhere” telework approach.

The importance of strategically located commercial and government real estate and specific traffic demand management impact has not, generally, been a part of current telework efforts. The multi-location workplace model acknowledges the importance of these drivers which is key to advancing a new, more effective approach.








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